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Episode: 516

Airdate: Aug 21, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




  • DingoRoo
  • Ace (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Mutt tries to join the channel…
  • Brunhilda dances and throws
  • Ezra plugs SportyPup's t-shirt sale for the recent heart surgery
  • The engagement of TaniDaReal and Richard NightFox at EF is mentioned
  • DingoRoo has a new car… and Blaze group replied to all his co-workers
  • Bucktown Tiger and Twitch call in in a conference call and have a face of as the finalists in the FFFF
  • KuddlePup plugs his new cooking site:
  • Yappy Fox reads from a list of food that is bad for dogs
  • SydStoat calls in
  • The channel gets introduced to Arctik as the new channel operator
  • KuddlePup reads from the “book of farts”
  • Mutt tells us how the old “There once was a man..” limmerik ends…
  • Ezra is singing the closing song naked!

Fat bastard club

Name weight (lbs)
KuddlePup 241.8
Herbie 244
Yappy *
Blitz ERR

* Yappy said he “gained 2 pounds”, but not an acctual weight.

Videos shown

Pawpet got talent

  • Blackfoot Ferret - messed up room
  • Dakota - Burnout
  • FIXME name? - Beer commercial
  • Fox-Albi-Azul - Violin version of Tijuana Taxi
  • Oh Pawpets - OH-Pawpets spoofed the MTV star
  • Anonymous - cat scritching
  • Otofcontrol - Speedcubing
  • Daichi_Ookami - Butterfly knife
  • Baby Cheetah - Pawpet song
  • Chilly - Fursuit presentation
  • SydStoat - Bass playing in Fursuit
  • Twitch - Bass playing in Fursuit

Nutshot of the week

  • Paintball gun

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Naked Ezra Flipping the bird
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