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Episode: 518

Airdate: Sep 04, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The day, Mutt joined the dark side




  • Arctic

Show Highlights

  • Ezra and Mutt are discussing a rash…
  • Even without Poink… “poo” is mentioned within the first 10 minutes of the show
  • Bandit chewed up a pair of headphones…
  • …and the 8-ball death vides just got deleted.
  • Movie-Talk: Star Wars BD release, My Stupid Brother (FIXME title?)
  • KuddlePup reads the top US movies ever…
  • Mutt really likes his doughnuts… REALLY likes them.
  • Mutt tries to reply to AIM messages… and it sounds more like TMI messages.
  • Star Trek tirvia with KuddlePup asking questions and Blitz and Mutt try to answer them
  • Yappy Fox tells us about GizGiz
  • Arctic makes cottage pie
  • Mutt and Ezra tell about a rahter obnoxious baseball team they came across
  • Musical segment! Ferrets, Voops, Peckers… oh my!
  • Mutt finally watched an episode of MLP! And tells us his findings…
  • …which sparks a discussion about “stuff that people are into way too much”
  • Brunhilda breaks Ezra's brain by talking about zombies and werewolves

Pawpet's got talent

  • PrincessFox - drawings
  • BabyCheetah - 3D animation
  • ScrubzyFox - LED modifications
  • FIXME who? @ 1:58:00 - Pawpet Music Video
  • FIXME who? - Animation: Demise for the 8-ball
  • Furrydragon: Fursuit video
  • Daichi_Ookami: switchblade knife skills
  • Roofus: Voice acting at different speeds

Videos shown

  • Action Bunnies
  • Muppets? FIXME title @ 1:24:00
  • GizGiz tribute video - FIXME who's
  • FIXME ??? @ 1:29:00
  • Holy Batman! (Gong'd)
  • Hurricane video - Jcces44
  • GizGiz tribute video - FIXME who's
  • ? Ant farm? FIXME title?
  • 2D shooter in RL
  • Mustardayonaise commercial
  • ???
  • Keetha's place at Megaplex
  • Super Mario Bros in RL
  • FIXME ??? @ 1:40:00
  • “Sexy Coffee” commercial
  • GI Joe? FIXME title
  • Hurricane Irene newscast - Spiderman
  • Christmas Food Court Flash Mob: Halleluja

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • ??? “Eggroll!”
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