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Episode: 545

Airdate: Apr 22, 2012  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The "Furnando Special"




  • Bjorn Grafeldr
  • Hunt (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The cast - except Ezra - wears their steampunk outfit
  • The new smartphone fab “Draw Something” is discussed…
  • A slideshow of the Florida Steampunk Convention is shown.
  • Brunhilda gets his “Alien” and “Terminator” heroines confused…
  • JackRabbit presents “punch mouse”
  • The first ever (officially so named) “call-out” on the show: Fernando
  • Movie Talk: Three Stooges
  • What is your favorite Disney character? Brunhilda likes Donald… and Yappy Fox??
  • Yappy Fox presents his new toy: an iPad - and plays “Draw Something”
  • Shoppin with Mutt and Yappy Fox - today: Dollar General
  • Bjorn Grafeldr gets interviewed
  • Is it a good idea to freeze this? - Magic 8 ball
  • Slim performs a recent country song: “Red solo cup” FIXME (?)
  • Kuddlepup brings one of the red solo cups to life…
  • Lots of Chocolate Bunny Death videos that were late or lost for the Easter show are shown during the video break
  • Mutt plays “Are you smarter than KP?” with Bjorn Grafeldr
  • Blitz brings up Clippy
  • Mutt and Ezra read a text-conversation that occured while Mutt was on the crapper…
  • …which starts a conversation about public bathrooms at the end of the show. This time they almost made it without that subject.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • none was announced

Videos shown

  • Fernando from Fernando's cafe show bumper
  • Florida Steampunk Convention videos
  • FurnandoCon 2012 - Part 1
  • FurnandoCon 2012 - Part 2
  • News Report on Fernando's, mentioning that furries made “over 10.000 USD” when in fact it was about 25.000.
  • FurnandoCon 2012 - Part 3
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Bunny Death IV - death by fire FIXME who?
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Death by pipe, car, fireworks - Jcces44
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Death by hamer and poetry - Anthroguy101
  • Justin Bieber Death: Death by piñata - TheSonicGod
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Death by Katana (bad audio) - FIXME who? @ 2:57:30
  • MLP? FIXME @ 2:58:30
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Death by Saw - Oh Pawpets
  • Easter “bunny” nomming - FIXME ? @ 3:02:45
  • Pawpet Music Video: Mini LaserWolf - FIXME song @ 3:22:00
  • Music Video: FIXME title @ 3:46:20

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • everybody “Red solo cup” holding up the red cups
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