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Episode: 551

Airdate: Jun 10, 2012  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Vertical Videos and Left Turns




  • Bazz Collie

Show Highlights

  • The pre-show (Yap-TV) featured many songs by “Trololo Guy”…
  • …so the real show starts with Scream Guy singing Trololo
  • Brunhilda wears a sign saying “Will Tijuana Taxy for $”
  • Blitz got cought running a red light
  • We learn that Mutt is afraid of heights and it would end badly for people under him if he ever went on the Eiffel Tower
  • The show goes “Vertical”
  • Poink is worried about Uncle Kage killing him for suggesting that he is so old, he was around at the Last Supper -
  • “Brental Floss” calls in
  • Movie Talk: Brave… and Mutt doesn't do much talking on that subject.
  • Yappy Fox tells about “Fresh Again” - an old product that works well to clean fursuits
  • Mutt's brain tries to make a left turn and crashes into a wall.

Videos shown

  • going to the store
  • Some videos from Herbie's coaster outing FIXME name?
  • vertical video syndrome
  • Taboo Wuuf Paws - interviews chopstick the gazelle
  • Helicat
  • Richard Dawson tribute
  • MLP - FIXME ? @ 2:37:00
  • ? FIXME
  • Roo cartoon FIXME title
  • Music Video: New Bibi Hendl
  • Animated music video: Unicorn song FIXME title

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “I need new doggles!”
  • Blitz “I hate you!” (in Blitz-Pony form)
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