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Episode: 554

Airdate: Jul 08, 2012  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Mutt's Brony Experience



Show Highlights

  • Yappy Fox plays with the stereo settings…
  • We learn that Mutt has his tongue sticking out while drawing
  • Mutt announces his pony name: “Midnight Tinkle”
  • Yappy Fox has a hard time moving a video file that Mutt touched… and broke.
  • Mutt went to the “My Little Pony” fair - and we see pictures.
  • Yappy Fox tries to navigate FA
  • “The internet is for porn!” revival!
  • Movie-Talk: Superhero movies in general, Spiderman in particular
  • Pizza bread and crust variations are discussed

Art Jam Topic

  • “Midnight Tinkle”

Videos shown

  • Mutt at the My Little Pony con
  • FIXME japanese commercial with boobs @ 1:37:00
  • Bronycon video
  • Raccoon repellant
  • Fireworks misfire
  • Drive through… “coning”
  • Chuck E. Cheese commercial
  • La Sexilinea
  • “Star Spangled July” - Omadaun
  • Sardyuon FIXME sp? chair acrobatics at AC 2012
  • “THe Act” trailer

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Bye Blitz!”
  • Clippy “So you need help?”
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