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Episode: 585

Airdate: Apr 28, 2013  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Rasvar stops by




  • Rasvar (at the console!)
  • Dingo

Show Highlights

  • Rasvar is back… and we have weird audio cues less than ten minutes into the show!
  • Rasvar tells us about how he faced the most dangerous creatures in the whild: asian girls… oh, and a bear.
  • Movie-Talk: what famous movie haven't you seen yet?
  • Rasvar manages to pull up a “CENSORED” bar over the show… and JackRabbit puts it to use!
  • Bandit Snuggles up on Poink
  • Yucky experiences at fast food joints.
  • Fart alert! And Mutt sprays all over Kuddlepup… and shortly afterwards even Yappy Fox is breathless
  • KuddlePup brings up the wiki… and JackRabbit reads off the wikipedia article.
  • Rasvar hosts “Matchgame 2013” with Mutt, Jojo, Hugh Manatee and FIXME dragon?
  • Who is smarter: Yappy Fox or Mutt… it's a no-contest almost.

Videos shown

  • MLP: “Jerk”? FIXME real title
  • Pencil animation: “Chicken Wings”
  • Hairy Pooper: ? Gong'd?
  • Music Video: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
  • Imagine Dragons: making of the music video
  • Skeet shooting with a tank
  • Teddy bear operation
  • Fursuit workout? FIXME real title

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Rasvar “Holy shit! Nobody sweared!”
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