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Episode: 604

Airdate: Oct 13, 2013  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Shotgun Proposal




  • BabsBunny

Show Highlights

  • Brunhilda has a gay moment, less than a minute into the show
  • Dinner break is unusually early, only 20 minutes in…
  • “The Wheels On The Bus” song is played and somehow Yappy Fox finds a dubstep version.
  • BabsBunny mentiones that she learned what a “blumpkin” is - and that she learned the word at Disney…
  • …which leads into a beeped out discussion. Where Mutt hangs himself.
  • Mutt's earworm of last week is revived when Yappy Fox runs the Zoobilee Zoo theme song
  • Random Mutt picture slideshow with comments
  • Innuendo Kazzoo Theater
  • The cast does a “literal video” verison of “Ironic”
  • Fart alert: Yappy Fox farts and apparently it smells like somebody farted into a pillow…
  • JackRabbit reads out cereal taglines and the cast guesses what brand they go with.
  • Babs plays “Are you smarter than KP?”
  • JackRabbit tells the story about how he proposed to Babs

Videos shown

  • “Hamsters in the opera” KIA commercial
  • “Hamsters getting into shape” KIA commercial
  • Atkelar: Dog's Life 2 teaser (typo version)
  • Fursuiter juggling
  • Song rehearsal from Fosgate
  • Time for a new job?
  • Baby leading two huskies
  • Where do babies come from? KIA commercial
  • Fat Ass Meals!
  • Squeaky Deaky (FIXME spelling?)
  • Furloween 2013 teaser featuring Chuckles Hyena
  • The Scary Bear Song
  • Music Video: “Ironic”
  • William Shatner “sings” Bohemian Rhapsody
  • FIXME cereal commercial
  • Top 10 worst movie deaths
  • FIXME name? Coaster video: Wooden coaster with “bob” sequences
  • Shambahla coaster
  • Austrian summer sled ride

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Chuckles “Ti-hihihihihi!”
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