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Episode: 611

Airdate: Dec 15, 2013  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Christmas party hangover anybody?



Show Highlights

  • The show starts out with a “live translator for the hearing impaired”
  • All new Mutt! One word: Fluffy!
  • Blitz is performing the Mr. Rogers song…
  • Mutt is realizing that women are like bowling balls…
  • Political correctness is getting out of hand.
  • Ezra tells us about Kuddlepup's christmas tree mishap
  • Yappy Fox shows pictures of the Orlando Christmas Party
  • Whar is your favorite christmas special
  • Things that need to go away
  • Mutt announces “It's a wonderful Yappy Life” - send in a (up to) three minute long video about what would life be now if Yappy Fox hadn't decided to make a puppet show?
  • Mutt announces that Bandit might need surgery but Yappy Fox asks to hold any donations until it's clear what exactly is wrong with him.
  • TMI moment: Blitz explains why he wears no PJs…

Videos shown

  • Mr. Rogers outtakes
  • “Rollin' wild” - Inflated animals clips
  • Pissed off christmas lights installation
  • Fit to fly - Air New Zealand
  • Old school safety - Air New Zealand
  • Yoshi's Fruitgasm
  • Christmas tree animation…
  • “bear and hare” animation
  • party footage? @ 2:33
  • “Zelda” animation? @ 2:34
  • “Telephone” - fursuiting
  • e-book… TP commercial
  • ?? animation ?? @ 2:36
  • The evolution of the hipster
  • FIXME title - Song out of Frozen

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Don't forget to touch yourself!” (to Blitz)
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