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Episode: 617

Airdate: Feb 09, 2014  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

No chit chat!



Show Highlights

  • The Tirrel intro video has slightly changed… “Special Edition”
  • The IRC server cloggs up during the show…
  • Ezra (and KuddlePup) love the “Happy” song… and Yappy Fox doesn't think he'd survive a road trip with him…
  • The situation surrounding the “Flappy Birds” game is discussed
  • Yappy Fox and Herbie were at the fair… and show pictures
  • Fart alert! Yappy Fox clears the stage
  • Mutt asks Siri… and is bored
  • Several Beatles songs are played due to the 50th anniversary of the Ed Sullivan show

Videos shown

  • 24 hour music video (EXCERPT)
  • …?
  • Alpha and Omega II review
  • Audi A3 commercial
  • Doritos commercial (Ostrich)
  • “Fox animation”
  • Glove and Boots: Bloopers
  • Muppets - Toyota commercial
  • Pulcio Pio song (no, not the piep one)
  • “Safety Prance”
  • Sly Cooper movie trailer
  • Cat in pet-washing-machine
  • Epic Storyboard
  • How to hide your farts in public
  • RadioShack 80s - ad
  • Life savings lost for Banana-Plush
  • “Ducktales”
  • Frozen with cats…
  • Border between the US and Canada
  • Walking Dead promo

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • screen goes purple
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