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Episode: 620

Airdate: Mar 02, 2014  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Fourth Annual(ish) Arthur Awards




  • FIXME sp? DingoRoo (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The cast collects the new categories for the Arthur awards by asking the channel
  • “Best running gag”:
  • “Hardest to pronounce name”: XylII
  • “Best “Ding” moment: Blitz - “Wait a minute! That's a girl?!”
  • “Best subservient moment”: Fox-Albi-Azul
  • “Best call-in interview”: Bedfellows
  • “Best Art-Jam”: Brian Reynolds
  • “Best OrlandoFox”: OrladoFox
  • “Best technical difficulties moment”:
  • Yappy Fox browses OrlandoFox's FA gallery
  • Best new Puppet: Honey Bunches of Mutt
  • “Best swear” - skipped due to lack of swear jar fun
  • “Best spits or swallows”: tonight
  • “Best Kuddlepup Moment”: Ezra singing “Happy”
  • “Best Yappy Moment”: Dookie's red nose
  • “Best Blitz Moment”: Pio!
  • “Best Herbie Moment”: Anthrocon Call-in
  • “Best JackRabbit Moment”: Manateetz
  • “Best Pawpet Moment”: Doggy Doo
  • “Best Song”: Grim grinning ghosts - honorable mention: Bucktown Tiger
  • “Best submitted Video”: Tirrel (Megaplex animation) - Atkelar (Dog's Life II)
  • Name that toon: Oscar edition
  • Mutt vs. Yappy Fox: Rocky Horror screenings
  • Kuddlepup reads the “death pool” list for 2014
  • “Best smarter than KP moment”:

Videos shown

  • Flashback: Doggy Doo
  • Newscasters rapping
  • Do you want to a snowman?
  • Falcon's Fury - thrill ride promo

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • FIXME - cut off?
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