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Episode: 623

Airdate: Apr 06, 2014  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




Show Highlights

  • Poink tells the story about his arrest three years earlier
  • Ezra tells about one of Kuddlepup's dogs going into heat…
  • …which brings up the subject of “doggy diapers”
  • More pictures of “Olaf at Disneyland!”
  • Emergency underwear… and JackRabbit models them!
  • The live stream dies about 1:27 into the show.
  • Yappy Fox shows off “weird things found in people's a**es”
  • The live stream dies about 2:01 into the show.
  • JackRabbit farts and even Blitz is smelling it
  • Where did that Professor come from?
  • Poink discusses why he likes/dislikes comedians
  • How do child stars look now?

Videos shown

  • Homestar Runner - April fools homepage
  • Glove and Boots: Product testing: Rollie
  • Rejuvenique - “infomercialism”
  • Electrical party came…?
  • The looseleafe beauty report: Facial flex! Including different soundtracks
  • “The Wiz” dance scene
  • Animatics for “Wicket”
  • “Let it snow” parody song
  • That guy with the glasses: “Let it snow” parody
  • Rocky Fox puppet commercial
  • Robot-Roo
  • Put 'em down
  • Preview “Reed”
  • “Rainbow connection” with various muppet voices
  • Internet “Sky Broadband Shield” commercial
  • Superman edit
  • FIXME stream outage?
  • BLFC music too loud
  • Chistoher Walken - music video FIXME title @ 2:55
  • 1000$ lottery “winning ticket”
  • Closing credits from Madagascar
  • Blaupunkt - plush animal commercial
  • Funday Pawpet intro
  • Several music videos
  • The “Segway in the snow” video

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Stream cut off with the last “goodnight” again.
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