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Episode: 640

Airdate: Aug 24, 2014  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Meektrat

Show Highlights

  • Yappy Fox had a coloscopy…
  • Ezra sports a rather wiered hat with blinky eyes
  • Kuddlepup shows off the Family Guy game
  • Megaplex 2015 - Cops and Robbers website presentation - including missing link to archive page
  • Talk about using farming equipment as bondage gear…
  • …and Blitz's fetishes
  • The cast discusses private items in other people's shopping carts

Videos shown

  • Music Video: Loving You
  • Blitz gets challenged with the ice bucket challenge
  • Old commercials (Airline, Almond Joy)
  • FNAF gameplay video
  • Pancake Spirograph
  • Honest Movie Trailer: TMNT (cut short)
  • FIXME outtakes with Robin Williams
  • Sinclair - gas and radio commercial
  • Pizza Hut commercial with cats
  • TV announcement
  • Russian dashcam - biker car surfing
  • FIXME Japanese commercial with pooping deer?
  • Armour Bacon - smaller eggs commercial
  • Sin City - montage with dog (Gong'd)
  • Bardahl commercial
  • Troy restaurant commercial
  • Hamster Kia Soul commercial with sexy hamster
  • Up! - with explosions
  • Ames animated commercial
  • Music video excerpt “I lost on Jeopardy”
  • Drive through headless prank
  • Water glass stree musician
  • Dog pretends getting shot
  • Bugs in candy
  • Tilting coaster
  • Ylvis - Voice activated elevator prank
  • Pancake art

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • KuddlePup and Blitz: talking over each other
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