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Episode: 643

Airdate: Oct 05, 2014  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

KP's birthday 2014




  • Cirrus
  • Tony Ringtail

Show Highlights

  • Kuddlepup is proud to have lost another couple of inches waistline
  • The cast presents an old Anthrocon Conbook, birthday present to Kuddlepup
  • This weekend marks the end of public TV's saturday morning cartoons
  • Kuddlepup remembers getting sick at a con
  • Poink tells about a zoo discovering that their hyena couble is actually two males.
  • Unfortunate photos
  • The cast plays a round of Fibbage
  • Mutt breaks the art-jams…
  • The cast discusses just why saturday morning cartoons and music videos came to an end.

Videos shown

  • Animal hybrids
  • Taur belly dancer
  • FIXME music video @51:00
  • In a dog's life
  • FIXME title? Drum routine @53:30
  • Kittens as Assasins
  • Fox singing
  • Five talents of Rats
  • Dunkin' Donuts opens in California - Gong'd
  • Dog dancing / weird puppet guy in New York
  • Facerig Cheetah
  • Rat basket ball
  • Some reruns that got gong'd
  • Tiger, bear and girl playing chess
  • Moosebox
  • Spanish shoe throwing video
  • Demon and son
  • Fox puppet doing a commercial for ale
  • Childrens' rides in amusement park
  • Evening show in amusement park along with various rides and shows
  • iPhone pranks
  • Dancing with the stars excerpt (Tommy Chong)
  • Apple device based music video FIXME title?
  • 5 nights at freddies
  • Fisheye Lens rap video: Strongbad

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • ? “?”
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