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Episode: 647

Airdate: Nov 09, 2014  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Another year?




  • Meekrat
  • Dingoroo

Show Highlights

  • The cast ponders the ending of the Episodes 646 episode.
  • Kuddlepup brings up the possibility of the next season being the last one… which sparks a heated discussion…
  • …all the while the cast wonders if they are in season 16 or 15?
  • Yappy Fox browses the customer comments for “The Wonder Boner” on Amazon
  • …will Yappy's fight scene in Four Nights at Yappy's Apache?
  • Yappy Fox and Mutt discuss the merits of owning a Smart Car - including looking at modified versions
  • Meekrat gets interviewed
  • Speed-pawtweets by Kuddlepup, as the pawtweets got forgotten earlier.

Videos shown

  • “The Wonder Boner”
  • Four nights at Yappy's
  • Four nights at Yappy's - unedited footage
  • Music Video: Apache
  • Music Video: AC/DC vs. Apache
  • Music Video: Chemical Brothers vs. Apache
  • Music Video: FIXME title? @ 2:18
  • Masha and the Bear - “Planting Carrots” FIXME title?
  • El pulcino Pio - nine different versions in parallel
  • Comicon - cosplay - animation
  • Office around Port-a-potty
  • Spider… phone… prank?
  • Treadmil crashes
  • Wall climber
  • Don't put it in your mouth
  • Police Bike course
  • Bike failes

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Kuddlepup “Bye! PFFRT!”
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