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Episode: 655

Airdate: Jan 25, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]



  • Dog
  • Raccoon (Tony's character FIXME name?)



  • TonyRingtail
  • RhinoWolf
  • StealthFox
  • Anthroguy101

Show Highlights

  • Mutt wonders wether somebody is buring something or his car is on fire
  • What would you deep fry?
  • Yappy Fox breaks the guests… by showing some weird sex toys on the studio screens.
  • The guests get interviewed
  • Yappy Fox punches Herbie again for pronouncing Sakana_Katana's name…

Videos shown

  • SuperVan
  • Dear Kitten… Friskies commercial
  • Animation - FIXME title @ 0:30
  • Madagascar - “beating”?
  • “Got talent”? - 80 year old dancer
  • “a” as in “fat”
  • Hair removal service commercial (girl at nude beach)
  • Doggy dragging cat around
  • RonRon video (repeat, cut short)
  • Singamajigs(?) “Hey Jude”
  • Starfox video
  • Mongrels: “What kind of God?”
  • Where's the baby?!
  • Soccer fans pointing at the ball
  • Hula Hoop dancing
  • Otter!
  • Face hacking
  • Wrecking ball… parody video, machine translated several times: “I like the ball in the sink”
  • Google Translate sings: FIXME song titles
  • Google Translate sings: Let it go…
  • Google Translate sings: All I want for Christmas…
  • FIXME??? around 1:20
  • GTA - flying cars
  • Broken leg in boxing ring
  • some “death by accident videos”…
  • Russian rock, paper scissors
  • Russian way of playing an accordeon
  • Mountain raide
  • Camera in drilled well

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt hangs himself
  • everybody “AAARHG”
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