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Episode: 660

Airdate: Mar 01, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

It's black and blue - no, yellow and white




  • Simba

Show Highlights

  • Leonard Nimoy passed away a few days before the show.
  • Poink tells about his comcast problem - bathrobe + door to door salesman don't mix.
  • Yappy Fox takes away Mutt's computer while he's looking at it
  • Poink introduces Hugh Manatee's new DVD review segment: “Will Hugh watch it?”
  • Yappy Fox reads his “cock cookbook”.
  • Mutt learns about patreon
  • Mutt gets punched by Yappy Fox for trying to say Sakana Katana
  • Mutt does some pushups
  • The cast discusses the “dress color” issua…
  • The cast talks about the Academy Awards
  • Mutt farted… in a tin chair
  • The cast ponders what to do for episode #666…
  • Simba drops in for the last few minutes of the show
  • Arthur meets GOF - and the cast raps about it

Videos shown

  • Music Video (excerpt) “Bilbo Baggins”
  • Music Video (excerpt) “These boots are made for walking”
  • Dragon suit fight
  • Elders React: Video Games (FNAF)
  • Animated icons? FIXME title? @ 1:18
  • Frozen Fever trailer
  • FIXME title @1:21
  • MLP meets Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • Let it Go: Bucktown Tiger
  • Rablats - Abraham
  • Fursuit music video: FIXME title? @ 1:33
  • Video Artjam - Notfish
  • Leonard Nimoy - FIXME show title?
  • Excerpt from Star Trek movie: Spok's funeral
  • Starfox “trailer” with real animals
  • Talking Husky video
  • Wicked Cyclone coaster animation
  • Thug Life
  • Fail video
  • Let it go… day three
  • Cooking video with kids
  • Breasts in church
  • Weeners in church
  • Laserman show
  • NFC “Atlantis Theme” animation video

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “Let it be…”
  • Hugh and Ezra “Löwenbräu!”1)
towards Löwenbräu who just appeared on stage for the closing song
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