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Episode: 663

Airdate: Mar 22, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




Show Highlights

  • The cast discusses the escape rooms that are popping up left and right
  • Poink brings in a new Jar Jar puppet… and Mutt sniffs it.
  • The cast discusses various versions of “Stretch Armstrong” and how they bit 'em.
  • Arthur gets interviewed
  • The cast compares worst roommates as a reaction to Simba's stories about his own…
  • The cast taunts Mutt with donuts
  • Yappy Fox plays a tune on a musical note…
  • The cast uses all sorts of weird instruments
  • Movie experiences
  • Huggy reads from “50 shades of grey”, handing over to “Mickey”… and “Roger Rabbit”
  • Yappy Fox connected to Mutt's desktop and shows it on air.
  • Yappy Fox scrolls through some pictures of female bodybuilders…
  • Skippy and Löwenbräu read the pawtweets
  • Yappy Fox turns off all higher frequencies for the closing song.

Videos shown

  • ???? FIXME what? @ 1:05
  • Puppies
  • Anthro-Pony - Gong'd
  • Puppy beagle
  • Little fawn on the road
  • mechanical dinosaur
  • Little girl and kitty as a present
  • ???? FIXME what? @ 1:22
  • Fat labrador?
  • FNAF meets GTA animation
  • FNAF interview - Gong'd
  • Fawn?
  • Glove and Boots - Season 5 teaser
  • Humping dog USB cable - sped up
  • Moose on the road
  • Mario Kart / Duck Hunt animation - Gong'd
  • Smilk commercial
  • FIXME explanation of the McWhatshisname effect
  • Video game animation - Gong'd
  • Ned: Sick Day - Gong'd
  • ???
  • Corgi parade
  • “Talk nerdy to me”
  • PIXELS trailer
  • 50 shades of grey - Read by Gilbert Godfry (sp?)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • couldn't tell because of audio tricks
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