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Episode: 682

Airdate: Sep 13, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

In which the rating is thrown completely out the window



Show Highlights

  • Poink announces that he had a mishap with Hugh Manatee in the washing machine…
  • …and presents Neph Hugh (later called WeeMoo), a tiny version of Hugh Manatee that he got through an internet order mixup.
  • Poink watched “unfriended” and kept trying to move windows around…
  • Mutt talks to people online… and 12 year old girls…
  • Movie Talk: Back to the future
  • Kuddlepup shows off his mom's house
  • The cast discusses “stuff they want destroyed if they pass away”
  • Movie Talk: Bad marketing for animated movies.

Videos shown

  • Puking Kitty Saucy Boat
  • The real Lady and the tramp…
  • Noisemuppets (YouTube Poop)
  • Bucktown Tiger: 100
  • The four seasons
  • FIXME name of the four seasons in (recent) concert
  • Walt Disney World Medley - Piano & Arrangement by Gijs van Winkelhof
  • Roller Coaster tycoon
  • Tenga Egg commercials
  • Alpine Coaster
  • Make them Giant

Ass beating hour

  • Poink got his ass beaten for shaking toad pee on a girl…

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt Hangs himself
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