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Episode: 684

Airdate: Sep 27, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Funday Savings Time

NOTE: the download for this episode has out-of-sync audio by the fourth hour, as crashed during the broadcast.



Show Highlights

  • The show officially moves to a new time - 5:00pm EST!
  • Dream car talk.
  • TV Talk: Mutt and Stuff, The Splat
  • Kuddlepup reads Mutt's guide to masturbation… as a poem… and a rap…
  • The cast takes a look at Rotten Tomatoes and checks out “0%” movies.
  • What happened to radio stations?

Videos shown

  • Theme Park Review: “Dog fart coaster”
  • Raccoon “knocking” at the door to get more catfood
  • Harry Potter and the Gangsta Wizards
  • Weird Simpsons VHS
  • Dog Train
  • Nana the Border Collie - Dog tricks
  • Home shopping network ladder blooper
  • Top 5 Infomercial Fails
  • QVC Vacuum Disaster
  • QVC faints
  • QVC Lady Faints on Live TV
  • Best animal fail + win
  • The Best Funny Animal Video on the internet
  • FIXME ? @ 2:30 (Gong'd for being too shaky)
  • Giant realistic baby waking up
  • Mac Sabbath 'Frying Pan' (Gong'd)
  • TV POWWW! Barney's Army
  • Death of TV POW
  • Curtain Collapses, Falls During Carly Fiorina Speech
  • Man does a super fart after Colonoscopy procedure
  • Fart Metal
  • Star Trek Fart-Quartett
  • Peter outfarts michael moore

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “Shave my ball…”
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