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Episode: 687

Airdate: Nov 01, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Halloween 2015




  • SK-1

Show Highlights

  • The cast discusses the worst halloween treats
  • Herbie shows off his remote controlled Jigsaw puppet
  • What happened on October 31st in history?
  • School beatings and punishments are discussed.

Videos shown

  • Homestar Runner: Halloween 2015
  • Halloween at Herbie's house
  • FIXME FNAF song @ 1:18
  • Octoberfeast 2015 dance routine
  • Hippo Funk
  • Drawing dog on chatroulette
  • FIXME music video @ 1:29
  • FNAF animation to “Surfin' bird”
  • ANgry Birds Movie: Trailer
  • Halloween fail compilation
  • 20 creepiest Halloween candies ever
  • I told my kids I ate all their halloween candy
  • We're throwing away all your halloween candy
  • First Count Chocula and Frankenberry commercial
  • Skeleton puppet subway guns and roses
  • Skeleton puppet dances the twist
  • Funny street artist in Montreal
  • Penciling of the Pawpets Plaque
  • Giant creepy puppet show (FIXME title?)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “Moo!”
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