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Episode: 69

Airdate: Mar 25, 2001  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The First Annual Arthur Awards




Show Highlights

  • The show starts with “Hooray for Hollywood” instead of the usual title song
  • Mutt presents: “Best song they don't play anymore”: Proper cup of coffee
  • Mutt presents: “Most annoying song”: Shatner's “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”
  • Shak presents: “Best guest pawpeteer”: Yippee Coyote
  • Arthur presents: “Best song”: Proper cup of coffee
  • Bear from “Bear in the big blue house” calls in and presents: “Most annoying prop”: Jar Jar Binx
  • Mutt presents: “Best use of unauthorized re-transmission of a video source”: MST3K of “Willy Wonka”
  • Raini “snorts Pixie sticks”…
  • Mutt and Mach talk about a TMBG concert with crowd surfing
  • Mutt presents: “Best Pawpet Catch Phrase”: “What the hell is wrong with this show?”
  • Mutt presents: “Best MST3k”: “Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory”
  • Rasvar presents: “Best Pawpets West”: “The Real Cute Raini”
  • Vixie presents: “Best Pawpet”: Mutt
  • Raini presents: “Best past or present pawpet regular or semi-regular segement”: RainiBlush Update
  • Arthur has a wardrobe malfunction… he becomes the “cat in the hat”
  • FIXME Loc/Timber @ 1:27:00 presents “Best special Episode”: The Drunk Show
  • Mach presents: “Best appearance by a human-type being”: Uncle Kage
  • Java persents: “Best call in”: Uncle Kage's Mom
  • Todd presents: “Best Pawpet Quote”: “What the hell is wrong with this show?”
  • Randy Fox presents: “Best Parody Song”: “The real cute Raini”
  • Greeny Meany presents: “Favorite Pawpet in a supporting role”: “Temp Ferret”
  • Temp Ferret presents: “Best holliday episode”: Halloween with the Vornon Manor Werewolves
  • Pyro presents: “Best Pawpet Game”: Who wants to win nothing and like it?
  • Denise Nickerson calls in and presents: “Best one-time non-musical segment”: Java-variety-frog
  • Mutt presents: “Silliest Pawpet Show Performance”: They're coming to take me away, HAHA!
  • Mutt presents: “Best in-studio interview”: Uncle Kage
  • Pyro presents: “Best spoken word bit”: Boot to the head
  • Mutt and Pyro realize it's show 69…
  • Vixie presents: “Best food related segment”: Mutt chases down and interviews the icecream guy
  • Mutt presents: “Best Guest Video”: Pawpet DE / Midwest Pawpets
  • Star-Wars spoof: hands and puppets used as “spaceships”…
  • Rasvar presents: “Best in channel live viewer”: Uncle Kage
  • Harik presents: “Best hosting staff member”: Herbie
  • Rapid T. Rabbit presents: “Best Pawpet Support Staff Member”: Rasvar
  • Rapid T. Rabbit presents: “Best Furry Madlib”: Uncle Kage goes Grocery Shopping
  • Rapid T. Rabbit presents: “Best celebrety Interview”: Noel MacNeal / The entire cast of Willy Wonker

Videos shown

  • Pawpet West nomination video
  • Between the lions show bumper
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