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Episode: 695

Airdate: Jan 03, 2016  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Pawpet Broadcasting Network - V



PBN Segments

The Trans European Happy For Living Sunday Show

  • Llama and friends have some fun… with multiple Flügeldances

Rummage & Mutt's movie review

  • Zombeaver review

Nightly News with Gangsta Ferret

Star Wars with Bacon

  • Bacon talsk about star wars - joined by a BB8 that does a stage dive
  • We see lots of products that have Star Wars

Footpaw Shopping Network with Blitz

KFPS - The program guide

  • FIXME: name of raven? reads the upcoming program

Muttsterpiece Theater

  • Mutt reads from a classic porn novel

Show Highlights

  • The Pizza place delivers the pizza with a hand drawn fox on the lid…
  • Mutt and others remember some farting stories.
  • The cast remembers their “first time”…

Videos shown

  • K-Paw commercial for FPS box - Atkelar
  • Happy New Year - whitefire
  • MST3k present - Bobsheaux
  • The Dogfather - OH! Pawpets!
  • Zootopia Trailer II
  • This week in History
  • verizon wireless commercial “Can you hear me now?”
  • Rocky Raccoon animated music video
  • Smith's Crisps - Commercial
  • Sam and Friends clip
  • ??? FIXME tiltle @ 1:55
  • Rockoons TV
  • Music video: ?? FIXME title @ 1:02
  • Where is Garrison Skunk?
  • “Left Shark” Video
  • Katy Perry falling down
  • Various stage performance fails…
  • Got Talent auditions
  • Kylo Ren freaks out
  • Adele “Solo” parody
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • FIXME: ?? WHO “WHAT”
I was under the impression that KP was out?
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