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Episode: 706

Airdate: Apr 10, 2016  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Funday Poinkless Show

  • JackRabbit could not be there for a plumbing problem at his home.
  • KuddlePup could also not be there.




  • Starlight (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Star tells about getting scared by Yappy Fox during FIXME con?
  • Mutt is distracted by the new split screen backstage monitor
  • Fart alert: Yappy Fox clears the stage twice
  • TV talk: Saturday morning cartoons
  • Movie talk: international Zootopia names
  • SK-1 plays “The Celebrity Birthday Game” with the cast and audience
  • When SK-1 is promoting “TDL”, Mutt throws dollar bills at him as a joke and Yappy Fox bags them for the swear jar - $8 a joke!
  • Starlight plays “Win nothing and like it”

Videos shown

  • RonRon tribute video
  • Fox go FLOOF
  • The only man who can swim with a polar bear
  • My best friend the grizzly bear
  • Hoverboard battery bursting into flames
  • Hoverboard battery exploding
  • Hoverboard and similar toys fail
  • Most expensive fails
  • Battery packs failing
  • Lipo explosion (2 videos)
  • Al Green - Let's Stay Together
  • FIXME title? Dog video @ 2:26 (sped up at some parts)
  • Japanese commercials
  • Yoyo master
  • A Fox Tail - cut short
  • Star Wars Rogue One trailer
  • Danger Mouse teaser
  • Babymetal - give me chocolate


Celebrity Birthday Game

Starts at around 2:02:09 in the download. The audience had to guess how old each celebrity was turning for the week of the show's airing.

  • Haley Joel Osment - 28
  • Steven Seagal - 64
  • David Letterman - 69
  • Shannon Doherty - 45
  • Caroline Rhea - 52
  • Al Green - 70
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - 39
  • Anthony Michael Hall - 48
  • Seth Rogen - 34
  • Emma Watson - 26
  • Martin Lawrence - 51
  • Pope Benedict XVI - 89

No longer with us

  • Tiny Tim - 84
  • Don Adams - 93
  • Leonardo DaVinci - 564
  • Charlie Chaplin - 127

Who Wants to Win Nothing and Like It?

Starts at around 3:23:07 in the download. A Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-type game, except the contestant doesn't win a thing.

Contestant: Stardust Raccoon
The answers the contestant selected are in bold.

Question 1:
In Star Wars: A New Hope, how many X-Wings survived the assault on the Death Star?

  • A) 1
  • B) 2 (correct answer)
  • C) 3
  • D) 4

Question 2:
In Wing Commander 3 and the four video games, who filled the role of Tolwyn?

  • A) Mark Hamill
  • B) Malcolm MacDowell (correct answer)
  • C) John Rhys-Davies
  • D) Thomas Wilson

Question 3:
In the UK comedy series Red Dwarf, which of the following is not an original member of the crew?

  • A) Olaf Petersen
  • B) Arnold Rimmer
  • C) Dennis Hollister
  • D) Aliana Pushkin (correct answer)

Question 4:
Since August 20, 2007, 15 items have been discovered on the shores of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada and Washington. What are they?

  • A) Ship containers full of rubber duckies
  • B) Illegal alien forms
  • C) Detached human feet (correct answer)
  • D) Tons of used condoms
  • E) Mondo balls

Question 5:
What was Immortan Joe's son, Rictus's, full name?

  • A) Rictus Doof
  • B) Rictus Electric
  • C) Rictus Erectus (correct answer)
  • D) Rictus Joe

Question 6:
When is the first time we saw a Grand Admiral in the Star Wars films?

  • A) A New Hope (correct answer)
  • B) Return of the Jedi
  • C) The Force Awakens
  • D) Rogue One

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt: Feel better, KP! Feel better, JR!
  • Yappy: Yes. Albi, we love you.
  • Mutt: We love you, Albi. We love everyone. Goodnight, everybody!
  • Bronson: We'll miss you, RonRon!
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