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Episode: 743

Airdate: Apr 23, 2017  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Blast From the Past



NOTE: This was Star's final show as a regular cast member.

Show Highlights

  • Movie Talk: Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy II
  • Mutt complains about too much bass and gets an earful from Yappy Fox (you might want to turn down the volume around 1:25)
  • Hugh Manatee raps! And he rocks! @1:40
  • Yappy Fox plays a top list of “one hit wonders”
  • Star took a slight overdose of laxatives and had a blast
  • Garrison Skunk appears in the furstream chat channel

Videos shown

  • Polar Bear wipeout
  • Polar Bear wipeout documentary/interview
  • Coca Cola bear
  • Funny Mascot accidents
  • Beep Beep I'm Sheep
  • 20 Impressions of singers
  • Everybody do the flop!
  • Yoda sings? FIXME title? @ 0:54
  • Where is Garrison?
  • Music Video: Trio - Da Da Da
  • Bionics “expert” Iron Man
  • Ice cream Trucks
  • “Disturbing Animal Video shown to students” - including a Yappy Fox logo
  • Star Wars - The Last Jedi trailer
  • Crazy Russian Hacker - MREs

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Too much cheese! The pain!” hangs himself
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