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Episode: 749

Airdate: Jun 18, 2017  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The return of the Blitz!



Show Highlights

  • Blitz returns to the show after a couple years' absence from the regular cast
  • Yappy Fox shows some troublesome videos to the cast, involving fishhooks
  • JackRabbit plays pencil fighting with Yappy Fox but he keeps breaking his own pencil first try…
  • KuddlePup makes snacks

Videos shown

  • The Slowmo Guys: Submerged inside a 6ft water balloon
  • Accidental boners
  • Most awkward boners ever
  • Funniest security cam faiils:
  • 22 Best bad parking revenges
  • Jim's finest ice cream
  • Russian instant carma
  • Scary clown costume with jack-in-the-box
  • CCTV of elevator accidents
  • Slinky on escalator
  • Escalator fails
  • LGBTQ Icon: The babadook
  • Poopin in the pool…
  • Elevator
  • Elevator alarm bell compilation
  • Top toilets
  • Top hotel rooms
  • L'Trimm - Cars with the boom, music video
  • Power Puff Girls commercial
  • Mosters Inc. weird rendering/animation
  • Ferdinand - Trailer
  • Coaster video
  • Super Lucky's Tale - game trailer
  • Raccoon invasion
  • Animated Squirrel music video
  • Top 10 Chuck-e-cheese animatronic fails
  • Worst death scene ever
  • Funniest death scenes
  • The indian Chuck Norris

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt jumping off stage
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