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Episode: 752

Airdate: Jul 16, 2017  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




Show Highlights

  • The Star Wars ending scene caused the show to get banned on Periscope
  • Yappy Fox is “up to my neck in Pooh”… and Poink doesn't get it
  • Ezra tells about Charlie Adler at Anthrocon
  • Bronson Van Der Bear holds up signs during a Stevie Wonder karaoke and Poink tells him that “He can't READ!!”… a minute later Mutt get's it!
  • Backstage cam shows an (almost) undressed Kuddlepup
  • Yappy Fox searches for “Merkin” on ebay.
  • Yama Poi dance
  • BlackfootFerret - Theoretical Shorts - FNAF
  • Acid Flashback - 4 hours at Yappy's
  • Bronson Van Der Bear plays “would you rather…or run a marathon?”
  • Near the end of the show, the death of Martin Landau hits the news

Videos shown

  • A landlord's nightmare - growing pot
  • Tenants from hell damaged my friend's condo
  • A landlord's nightmare: There was a goat int he house
  • Several other nightmare worse tenants videos
  • DIC Entertainment Logo History
  • Gremlins 2 - New York, New York
  • Music Video: Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance
  • Music Video: Stevie Wonder: Superstition
  • “Boomerang” coaster video
  • Underwear Tutorial…
  • Mario's word of the week: merkin
  • Music Videos FIXME titles? @ 3:10

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • WHO “WHAT”
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