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Episode: 757

Airdate: Sep 09, 2018  [Download] [Artjams and other files ] restarts!



Big Thanks!

Thank you to Dougal Dragon fo having captured the stream as it happened, to save for the archives when there was a failed studio recording!


  • Mongoo (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The cast tries to find themselves and their usual props…
  • Rummage tries to explain music licensing and why the show is now doing with just royalty free music.
  • Male anatomy lessons with KuddlePup and Mutt
  • Kuddlepup talks about his health issues and how FPS helps him cope.
  • JackRabbit tells about not recognizing Mach in an elevator…
  • Rummage tells about disposing a mattress
  • Johnny Mantis forgot what to do… STRIKE!
  • The new “PawTweet” is created: Dial in to “YAK2PAWPET” and leave a 10 second voice message. No more!
  • Bronson Van Der Bear reads some of the most unfortunate foreign translations of product names and slogans
  • YappyFox retells the story about the 9/11 episode.
  • The cast remembers their experience with the 9/11 events.
  • The cast discusses places they would like to visit
  • The cast throws around ideas for new closing songs…

Videos shown

  • Acid Flashback: NASA talk about MAGs

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Bronson “Next week, OH Pawpet in this timeslot, tune in!”
  • everybody “Good night!”(or similar)
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