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Episode: 759

Airdate: Nov 04, 2018  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]



Show Highlights

  • Ezra talks about various food tastes
  • The cast wonders why Christmas is getting earlier and earlier…
  • Ezra's football team is about to loose…
  • SK-1 reads weired rules for halloween
  • Poink promotes “If you give a bear a bong” and “If you give a bunny a beer”
  • Poink remembers old timy video games: Gay-laga
  • SK-1 reads facts about Sesame Street songs
  • Movie Talk: Pirates of the Carribean
  • The cast discusses Pokémons
  • Mutt brings up his conflict in eating a chicken and eggs at the same time
  • The art jams are back!
  • How much would you spend on an item of cloting?

Videos shown

"Last Words" (and Actions)


  • Where's the coffee
  • I gotta fart
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