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Episode: 762

Airdate: Jan 13, 2019  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Visit from "Paws in the Park"



  • Leilia (Subservient)


Show Highlights

  • KuddlePup tells about his caterpillars
  • Poink experienced a broken door because of a fire department mix up…
  • The stage has a new dressing… and KuddlePup has a matching shirt
  • Leilia's fundraiser page Paws in the Park is mentioned.
  • Mutt has a purple cell phone cover… and manned it up with an apple sticker
  • Leilia brings a Capybara to life
  • Magic 8 Ball gets dropped
  • Mutt finds out about predictive-text-memes
  • The guests play “Are You Smarter than KP?”

Videos shown

  • Leilia Spaniel - “Paws in the Park” donation drive video
  • Atkelar: Build #1: Mechanical Calendar (all three parts, video interrupted in third part)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Bronson: Quit jumping around!!
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