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Episode: 771

Airdate: Jun 16, 2019  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Home alone 2



Show Highlights

  • Rummage is on stage… and all alone again, until…
  • Poink calls in via video-call again and has some delay…
  • Mutt tells us about his experience on the new Hagrid ride.
  • Movie Talk: FNAF movie gets turned into Banana Spits
  • Fart Talk: better not go into details here…
  • Mutt tells Rummage: “Geek is you, Nerd is me! There's a difference!”
  • Rummage got stiffed at a trade show, no gimmicks for the coon!
  • Game talk: E3
  • WeeMoo “sings” for his daddy Hugh Manatee


  • Mini Darky/Smelly Fox1)

Videos shown

  • Whitefire makeover
  • Atkelar: Restoration Project #7 - MPS 803
  • RoninOtter: Flight footage

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • FIXME: Crappy Doo (fast talking)
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