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Episode: 777

Airdate: Sep 29, 2019  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Ricochet

Show Highlights

  • KuddlePup is showing the Brady Bunch house internals pictures
  • Ricochet gets interviewed
  • KuddlePup plays “Everything has a name” (FIXME check spelling): Petrichore, aglet, wamble(sp?), glabella(sp?), vagitis, peen, chanking?, nurdle, barm, rectal tenasmes?, overmorrow, boxtent, cornisseum, nibbling, dysania, collywobbles, gryphonage?, ??, snellin chart?, brannic device, tittle, obelis, interrobang, ideolocator, crapulance, desire path, scurryfunge,…
  • Holiday specials and plans for upcoming holidays are discussed
  • Pawpet reading list.
  • KuddlePup plays “five degrees of separation”.
    • “Sphero BB8” → “one sixths brown hair sexy female ?? FIXME head sculpture”
  • “Apple Watch” → FIXME “4 Samsung metal tempered case covers”
  • Ren fare shoes → FIXME “???”
  • Failed surgeries… return
  • Movie Talk: Stan and Ollie

Videos Shown

  • Ask a Raccoon: Interdimensional traval
  • Tinkering with Atkelar: Restoration Project #8: Nintendo GAME BOY

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Rummage: “I gotta pee!”
  • KuddlePup: “Don't pee on the carpet!”
  • everybody: barking at the camera
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