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Episode: 780

Airdate: Nov 10, 2019  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]




  • Electropaw


Show Highlights

  • YouTube is causing trouble again, so this week is streamed on twitch
  • The cast is discussing cereal nutritional values
  • BBQ variations are on the menu next.
  • Mutt reads a question for Star Raccoon's segment. Take 2…
  • Electropaw talks about the passing of FIXME name?
  • Yappy Fox grosses out Mutt with a gore video
  • The cast discusses the anniversary of Sesame Street

Videos Shown

  • Acid Flashback: What do you call your “bits” / disturbing caption picture.
  • Acid Flashback:
  • Ask a Raccoon: How does one become a purple raccoon instead of brown/gray?
  • Ask a Raccoon: Where in the town is the greatest trashcans?
  • Halloween at Herbie's

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra & Crappy: “na-na na naaa-na” (to the closing tune)
  • Mutt: “I forgot the words”
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