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Episode: 800

Airdate: Sep 06, 2020  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

800 baby!

The show intro starts off with the music but shows the stage at first




Show Highlights

  • Movie Talk: Mulan (remake)
  • Movie Talk: Bill and Ted 3
  • Hannah Barbera theme park
  • Restaurants are reducing their menus
  • PC correct comedy?
  • Favorite and worst childhood toys ever
  • Atkelar's tractor video sparks discussion about his legs
  • Triple subservient: Largo (fursuit), Oni (VR-Chat) and Atkelar (Pawpet) do a the same challenges at the same time
  • Largo gets interviewed

Videos Shown

  • Yama - Poy dancing 1
  • Yama - Poy dancing 2
  • Hannah Barbera theme park dancing video
  • Oni_Kidou - VR-Chat dance
  • Atkelar - Workshop Project: Power Pack
  • Atkelar - Tractor “Oil Check” - Part 2
  • FIXME - music track preview?

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Oni: “Thanks for all the fish!”
  • Poink: “Always fun!”
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