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Episode: 805

Airdate: Nov 15, 2020  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Dad jokes

Due to the show having been dismantled and put together again, it didn't start automatically




  • George 1)
  • Simply_Demmise 2)
  • Just a Doggo 3)
  • DaxterDingo 4)

Show Highlights

  • Yappy got new flooring in the whole house - Mutt think it's too hard
  • JR got a new guitar, an EVH Wolfgang
  • Furries ended up getting a spotlight in the election news - Coopertom made a model of “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” in VRChat
  • What you can, and definitely SHOULDN'T do when owning a waterbed
  • Anthrocon museum - what should be in it?
  • New texts for old lyrics to make them fitting for today's world
  • Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast
  • Poink has a cold and leaves early
  • The cast visit the “Furry Family Ofrenda” a world in VRChat that lists furs that have passed away
  • The visit raises the question; How many furries are there actually? - Nobody knows for sure, but KP has an estimate at ~60.000 in total
  • Oni_Kidou shows a world in VRChat where you can do exercise
  • Visit to a nightclub in VRChat, but due to a technical error, it develops into a “tell a joke club”
  • Looking in the calendar; this is the thanksgiving show - good things in the past year?
  • Oni_Kidou & Atkelar are now officially members of the show

Videos Shown

  • Atkelar - Restoration Project: Reel to Reel Recorder

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra - “Bye everybody”
  • Atkelar - “Goodbye”
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