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Episode: 811

Airdate: Feb 07, 2021  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

A Virtual Build-Up




  • Furdemon 1)
  • Domafox 2)
  • Cliff Husky 3)
  • Aesar 4)

Show Highlights

  • Ezra has digital fleas and a camera reboot gets rid of them
  • Mutt mentions that the Super Bowl is on tonight
  • Atkelar mentions that the camera make him look fat, and the discussion end with creative ways to (re-)move the rear wall in the studio.
  • Time travel; You can't make yourself rich - What would you do?
  • Discussion about old theme-parks that's no longer around
  • KP has done some cleaning and shows some of the old newspapers and books that showed up
  • Yappy shows a list of extremely messy rooms
  • Oni_Kidou teams up with Ulala and Hatsune Miku to save the galaxy
  • Talk about Space Channel 5 and other exercise games that have become popular during lockdown
  • Collecting legos; Atkelar has sorted his collection and Mutt has eyed a bricky butt
  • Rubiks cubes - Oni_Kidou solves them in VRChat
  • Tech support is brought up, and multiple sighs is heard
  • Quiz - what's the origin of different sayings? (eg. letting the cat out of the bag)
  • Furdemon found a video-player in VRChat that can show the show.
  • Oni_Kidou's friend Domafox shows off two game-show worlds made in VRChat
  • Rummage interviews Cliff Husky that tell a story about how he met Mutt at AC during a fox-hunt. A story which leave Aesar rather confused
  • Aesar is babysitting a TV-transmitter so the viewers don't get mad at his boss if it crashes during the Super Bowl.
  • KP has made a list of objects that once was really common on peoples homes, but is rare today.
  • The show ends with a quiz - KP hopes that you have paid attention tonight

Videos Shown

  • Atkelar - Restoration Project: Blaupunkt XQ-240 5)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • everybody - “Good Night see you in two weeks!”
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