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Episode: 91

Airdate: Sep 02, 2001  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Live from MFM

This episode is only three hours long and was recorded live on stage at MFM 2001.




  • FIXME name (Interview 1)
  • FIXME name (Interview 2)
  • Mephitis
  • Firewing

Show Highlights

  • Sing along with Arthur
  • Seal of Disapproval speaks! And his first words are “Boobies!”
  • Mutt interviews FIXME name?
  • Mutt interviews Frank, the hotel's head of room department and brings out pretty weird questions
  • Mutt interviews FIXME name?
  • Tihuana Taxi is played for roll call in lieu of the mexican hat dance
  • Todd and Mutt discuss Real Player freezing up…
  • JackRabbit got to ask directions… and somehow everybody almost ended up in the Epcot parking lot… although they started in Memphis
  • Mutt interviews FIXME name and name @ ca. 1:30:00
  • Ezra hosts a round of the matchgame
  • Raini gets dragged in front of the stage (literally!) for an interview with Mutt
  • The audience participates in a performance of “Timewarp”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Goodnight! And be sure to catch this very same show Sunday night.”
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