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The Funday Pawpet Show Theme Contest 2010

Transcription of the contest details

(from Episode 473 - @2:49:50)

<Yappy> What we oughtta do is have a contest to see who can make the best new animated opening credits.
<Ezra>  That'd be cool!
<Poink> Well, we could do that, why don't we announce it right now?
<SMutt> Do it now!
<Poink> Okay so-
<Mutt>  Yeah, but the Brian Reynolds art is awesome..
<Poink> What music are they allowed to use? D'ya want-
<Yappy> No the same song
<Mutt>  C- yeah, stick with the same song.
<Ezra>  Th- th- th- the 2 song.
<Mutt>  Yeah
<Poink> Can you- Can you put the 2 song, our version, up for download?
<Ezra>  That's coz it's been cut. It's not the whole thing
<Yappy> Yeah, it's like a two minute version of it
<Poink> Yeah, so people can use that to uh, do it?
<SMutt> ....I have no eyes.
<Yappy> Yeah, and it would be one we'd pick to see which one we can ah,
<Ezra>  So, so the thing would be, you in the audience, all of you folks out there, you would try to put together a new,
        animated- in some way, whether it's ah, drawn or using video clips, or artwork, whatever- our logo, or characters,
        as the opening for the Funday Pawpet Show, using 2's song, "the Funday Pawpet Show"... "Pawpet".
<SMutt> Ooooh
<Mutt>  I'm diggin' it! I bet.. Our audience is very creative, I bet they can have a lot of fun with it. So!
        Yeah, that works for me!
<Ezra>  There are logos out- the logo's out there...
<Mutt>  And you'll get credit for it and you'll, and it'll play for a whole year.
<Yappy> Or more.
<Mutt>  Or more!
<Yappy> Like the last one, it was what, how many years?
<Mutt>  Five years.
<Mutt>, cool! That's a neat little contest, do the opening, ah, credits!


  • Use the 2-minute edit of the theme song, “Pawpet” by 2 Gryphon
  • Animated in some way
    • drawn
    • using video clips
    • or artwork
    • whatever-
  • Should include the show logo
  • Including show characters is recommended
  • No due date has yet been announced.
  • Yappy didn't sound happy about having to pick favorites if there're multiple good submissions, so instead of exclusive bragging rights, the show might just rotate between openings, if that's not too much hassle. Correct me if I'm wrong, this is a wiki ;) -Snapai


  • The 2 minute edit of “Pawpet” by 2 Gryphon - (pawpet archives)
  • The Pawpet Show logo (an unlocked swf, can be disassembled for a vector copy of the logo)
  • Waving pawpets and fireworks logo from the end of the Brian Reynolds intro (pawpet archives)
  • Wobbling 3D logo from the beginning of the Brian Reynolds intro (pawpet archives)

Theme Lyrics (2-minute version)

(instrumental intro)

My friends are filled with stuffing
Their habits are disgusting
I could tell ya more but I can't break the rating
Hey yeah!

I don't mean to complain now
But Ezra smells like dog chow
Todd sounds like his tongue is stapled into his mouth.
Hey yeah!

Mutt can lick his own butt….and we don't know how!
Hey yeah!

I haven't got the first clue
How Arthur got his paws fused
I don't know who Mach is screwing in the chat room.
Hey yeah!

But it really makes my skin crawl,
When Java eats his eyeballs.
Devin gets his numbers from the magic eight ball.
Hey yeah!

Temp is crying now 'coz Rasvar's humping barbie dolls.
Hey yeahhhhh-hah!

Pawpets (pawpets) We just sing and dance,
Pawpets (pawpets) We're not wearing pants
Pawpets (pawpets) We will burn in hell
Pawpets (pawpets) Satan thinks we're swell!

Na na na naa naa,
na na na na na naaa
Na na na naa naa,
Na na naa naa naaaaa~!

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