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Hugh Manatee

Hughbert1) “Hugh” T. Manatee is a crotchety old mustachioed manatee who, on his good days, can match wits with Poink. He has an obsession with Jimmy Buffet, Chalupas, and Carvel's Fudgey the Whale. Being old and endangered, he's under a lot of stress and has to look out for himself, but he can still dance and sing, which he thinks makes him “hip.” He is also vehemently opposed to “beebling.” Hugh's a hero for hauling himself out of the water all the way to the Pawpet Show.

Hugh is voiced by JackRabbit, who talks about the inception of his alter ego in an interview with TheSonicGod here.


Hugh first appeared on the show during episode 334 after a discussion of missing furry critters in the fandom in episode 333 in which JackRabbit said he would like to see more banana slugs or manatees in the fandom…

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