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Poink T. Weasel

The show's resident pottymouth, Poink is a perverted weasel with laser eyes who won't hesitate to say exactly what's on his twisted mind. He's always there to provide improv comedy and hilarious anecdotes, and has often been called the funniest character on the show. In fact, so much of his life is worthy of recording that he puts out a weekly podcast, which you can find at He clearly has the hots for Lilly, and he's not ashamed of a little P.D.A. Poink's friend JR is a budding standup comedian, raised by children's TV and strict parents.

Poink was introduced to the Pawpet audience on Episode 89. During Episode 318 he tells us that the “T.” in his name actually stands for “The”. He seems to be undecided whether his last name is Weasel or Ferret though…

Poink is voiced by JackRabbit, who talks about the inception of his alter ego in an interview with TheSonicGod here.


Although Poink made his first appearance in Episode 83, his trademark “red eyes” have first appeared on Episode 153 as an interview with Doug Bradley somewhat backfired and he got trapped in a hellraiser box.

His current body - a brown Folkmanis Ferret - appeared first on Episode 135 where he drank a mix of sodas made by Todd.

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