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Tony Löwenbräu

Löwenbräu - the shaggy lion with the deep voice - was introduced during Episode 387, when Simba found a voice and Yappy Fox had a lion puppet to go with it. The puppet has already made an appearance before, where he was referred to as “Tony” on Episode 358. Yappy also came up with the name, followed by a beer commercial for Löwenbräu beer.

Background on the name

The German name Löwenbräu (alternate spelling Loewenbraeu) translates as “Lion's brew” and shows that this character has some German roots. A little historic background: The “Löwenbräu” was a pub in Germany where Hitler held his first public appearances. Although it was named different first, pictures of the bombed remains show the “Löwenbräu” sign. The brand name still exists and can be found on the internet

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