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Rummage C. Raccoon

Wearing his bright yellow scarf, this rowdy raccoon crashes the party every once in a while. Rummage used to have a larger role in the Pawpet Show, coming up with different activities for the cast and the audience to try, like his musical cover trivia game, “Then and Thener.” Nowadays, he brings non-sequiturs, rantings, and the occasional sing-along to the table. Like Randy, Rummage is a spirited singer.

In Episode 312 Rummage mentions that his middle name is Creedence.

Rummage is voiced by Yappy Fox.

A Word with Rummage

  • Favorite food: Fish out of the river.
  • Best day of my life: When I was born on the bayou.
  • Like to sing?: Yes.
  • Greatest influence on my life: The bayou.
  • Ever seen a movie?: Not in the bayou.
  • Favorite place: Down on the bayou.
  • Graduated from school at: Down on the bayou.
  • Dream vacation spot: The bayou.
  • If I could be any animal, I would be: Not me.
  • Something I've always wanted to do: Be the fortunate one.
  • Favorite musical act: CCR.
  • My words to live by: Don't be the fortunate one.1)
Taken from episode 41.
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