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Seal of Disapproval

Although Seal hasn't been seen as frequently as he used to, he left quite an impression on the fans. This can be seen in the IRC channel when most of the audience goes “ORK, ORK, ORK!” whenever they think that the rating has been violated.


Seal Of Disapproval was born off the east coast of Canada1). All his life, he was raised by a family that seemed to have no moral values, and seal was often thought of being a vulgar pup, due to his family's reputation. Through out life, Seal hated being associated with that lifestyle, and decided to change his reputation through a career that could focus on doing just that. Seal studied hard in school, and after a few years, became a censor. Seal worked many censor jobs, but usually was not able to hold down a job very long due to his inability to speak very well. The Funday PawPet Show hired him on since they needed a censor, but also allow him to every once in a while to burst out into song in his own manner.2)


Seal of Disapproval first appeared on Episode 5. Other names suggested for him were Lou Seal, Clubber Seal, and The Good Pawkeeping Seal.

sometimes also “off Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA”
Bio as read by Scritch on Episode 33
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