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Episode: 100

Airdate: Nov 11, 2001  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Show #100!



Show Highlights

  • The episode starts with a “Show #100! (One Freakin' Hundred!)” title
  • The show starts with “Love potion #9” from the first episode.
  • A Carrot and two smily faces ( :) and :( ) are put up as background making a 100-ish sign.
  • The camera is slightly tiltet and Scritch keeps sliding towards Mutt and walking back
  • Everybody gives us his favorite moments of the first 99 episodes…
  • Rasvar discovers a tack… the painful way.
  • Rasvar farts and Herbie escapes from behind the stage…
  • Devin-Magic
  • Mutt interviews himself
  • Mutt interviews Randy Fox who tells us about the origins of the show
  • Randy Fox performs FIXME song title @ 3:48:00
  • The entire cast is on stage for the closing song

Favorite moments/Flashbacks

  • “Love potion #9” from Episode #1


  • Todd makes an appearance, trying to tie his non existing shoes
  • Mutt gets attacked by warewolfs on the Halloween show
  • A piece of pie


  • Java gets beaten up
  • Zarlac FIXME sp? and his cat
  • Top 10 things that make Temp Ferret cry


  • Someone shit their pants
  • The drunk show
  • Java and Variety Frog interview


  • The ly-song
  • The “Sailing away” song
  • The real cute Raini

Temp Ferret's

  • Carrot Riverdance
  • Jason Marsden interview
  • Goldie-Shak


  • I do not like green eggs…? FIXME title?
  • Rollercoaster
  • Keyholecam


  • Ice cream Truck
  • Ferret takeover show
  • The Steve Irwin bit


  • Rummage eating his carrots
  • The Timewarp experiment
  • Everyone Poops


  • Mutt and Randy talk about “sexual healing”
  • JackRabbit's birthday spanking
  • Scream Guy sings “Rocky Horror”


  • Java's “coming out of the creepy closet”
  • 12 pains of Christmas
  • Wonderwoman-Carrots


  • Shooting gallery
  • Stormtrooper opening
  • Bea Arthur bit for JackRabbit's birthday


  • Christmas show
  • Easter show - Chocolate Bunny Death
  • “Willy Wonka” cast interview


  • Stars on 45
  • Sheepdogs with pant

Videos shown

  • The real cute Raini - Pawpets West
  • Don't dream it's over - Pawpets West
  • She drives like crazy - Pawpets North Coast
  • FPS' Folkmanis cast does “Starts of 45” (Excerpt)
  • FPS' take on the podrace sequence

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “If one per…” 1)
Download is cut off a few seconds early, real last words might have been different
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