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Episode: 163

Airdate: Apr 06, 2003  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The 3rd Annual Arthur Awards Show




Show Highlights

  • The cast is all decked out in tux and… whatever they had that looked like one on real player.
  • Arthur wonders why they would show the caption picture…
  • Hobbes calls in and announces the best Crappy Doo quote: “Let's play!”
  • TChall calls in and announces the funniest segment: “Poink singing it had to be EWE”
  • The caption picture prings up the idea of waxing JackRabbit… see Episode 188. It also prompts the “Pawpet Diet” due to many a lost appetite. It came about as he visited a pool party at Raini's place and forgot his swimsuit…
  • Poink also has a toupet… see 23:40 for a close up. According to Todd he looks like a brillo pad
  • Sefina calls in and announces “The most wrong segment of 2002”: “Poink singing it had to be EWE”
  • Roxycat calls in and announces the “Coolest gift”: “Chuckles”
  • TonyRingtail calls in and announces “Best Mach Outburst”: “DIE!!”
  • Rowsby FIXME name? 38:30 calls in and announces “Best new segment”: “Spits or Swallows”
  • TiborTiger calls in and announces “Best Garrison & Hobbes video”: “Lilo and Java”
  • Nonsanity and Cuddles call in and announce “Best art jam topic”: “In search of Rasvar's Buttcrack”
  • Telegrand FIXME name? 49:10 calls in and announces “Best new pawpet character”: “Crappy Doo”
  • Skates calls in and announces “Best Fluff and Such video”: “If I had a million Dollars”
  • Ozark calls in and announces “The best spits or swallows item”: “Durian Cake”
  • Yappy Fox announces that category #12 will be skipped due to no votes.
  • Fox Conner calls in and announces “The best fill in channel reader”: “Babs Bunny at FC”
  • Poink gets a nervous breakdown because he has to work with Rasvar, Todd and Crappy Doo.
  • Sayuk FIXME name? 1:08:00 calls in and announces “Best Chuckles Bit”: “Chuckles rides the Segway”
  • Bar FIXME name? 1:11:30 calls in and announces “Best perk of working for Disney”: “800$ Office chairs”
  • PunkTiger calls in and announces “Best Squeaker”: “Trixi” (which Rasvar misspells as “Trixie”)
  • Java kisses Poink
  • Eagle Beagle calls in and announces “Best fake website”: “”
  • UncleKage calls in and announces “Best new Pawpeteer Group”: “Garrison & Hobbes” (which Rasvar misspells as “Pawpetter”)
  • Gyng calls in and announces “Best running joke”: “”
  • Rasvar does the fatty dance.
  • Orion J FIXME name? 1:31:00 calls in and announces “Best totally unexpected thing”: “Sinkhole madness”
  • Nexxus calls in and announces “Best caption pictures”: “Crazy FC Lady with Pokitfox”
  • Akeakame calls in and announces “Best coaster”: “Herbie's roller coaster of death”
  • Teddy Tiger FIXME name? 2:01:00 calls in and announces “Best physical makeover for a puppet”: “Evil eye Poink”
  • Lupes Lupine calls in and announces “Best PPRM video”: “Tribute”
  • MegaWolf calls in and announces “Best COPA Video”: “Hayseed and Ozark”
  • RickiTic calls in and announces “Best Satellite Puppet”: “Tag”
  • Arthur has vocal problems…
  • Arthur announces “Best show opening bit”: “Headless naked Barbies doing Riverdance”
  • Tag calls in and announces “Best thing that would be cool but unlikely to happen on the show”: “Female pawpeteer take over and lock the door” (whick Rasvar AGAIN misspells as Pawpetter)
  • Sefina calls in and announces “Coolest RL trip”: “Anthrocon” (Shown on screen as “GOTOMYCON!”)
  • Hobbes calls in and announces “Best art jam submission”: “Good widdle ferret or bad widdle ferret”
  • GryphonWolf FIXME name? 2:29:00 calls in and announces “Best Herbie, not Mutt character”: “Scream Guy”
  • TChall calls in and announces “Best Chocolate Bunny Death Video”: “2 Gryphon, Death by Machinegun”
  • PunkTiger calls in and announces “Best PawPets West Video”: “”
  • Raini appears on stage (or at least her forehead)
  • Babs Bunny calls in and announces “Best Poot ever”: “JackRabbit”
  • Herbie calls in to announce “Best Pawpet not Mutt or Arthur”: “POINK!”
  • As Arthur is on stage wearing ONLY his bow tie, he gets some dollar bills stuffed there.
  • Nerd Ferret wears a bow tie that classifies as propeller.
  • Simba is on stage
  • Spits or Swallows: Macademia
  • JackRabbit hides behind a voop while what is easily the most captions ever are read… and flashes his behind for some of the captions.
  • Crappy Doo talks to Simba

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: JackRabbit in Raini's bathing suit
  • Poink in a band with bambi surrounded by nuns with a german shepherd and sauerkraut at a crystals during a total eclipse of the sun…
  • …is scratched for the easier to remember “Pawpets in Hollywood/The Arthurs”

Videos shown

  • Draw on Mach's ass. Featuring RoxyCat and SueDeer, live comments by 2 Gryphon
  • Pawpet Music Video: Rabbit Valley - PawPets West
  • Rasvar jumping into Harik and Raini's pool

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink (sung to the end theme): “Goodnight! Sleep tight! I'm gonna haaaaaaave a beer. Or two. Or three. As soon as I get oooooooooooooouta here. Cause IIIIIIII'm gettin' the hell out the door(FIXME?). So blow me, cause I'm outta here, and thanks for giving me the best Pawpet of the Year award. Goodnight!”
  • Ezra “Thanks everyone, goodnight!”
  • The show closes with the caption picture once more.
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