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Episode: 243

Airdate: Mar 27, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Easter 2005



Show Highlights

  • Poink appears as a bunny… and drops some eggs!
  • Darth Tader drops down from the stage in Kuddlepup's crotch, so even Ezra can feel it
  • Peeps in the Microwave
  • Peep flambé
  • Liesl does the Peep Challenge for the first time…
  • …and closes with “I'm never going to eat another peep again!”
  • Peep death by Bandit
  • Bunny death by straw
  • Peep death by grill
  • Movie Talk: Star Wars III
  • Simba does a quick impression of T2 when everybody is talking about the lava scene in Star Wars III
  • Peep death by boiling water
  • Bunny/peep death by frying
  • Peep death by scissors
  • Peep death by blender
  • Peep death by egg beater… fail!
  • Peep death by hand mixer… fail-ish
  • Bunny death by ?
  • Bunny death by garbage disposal
  • Movie talk: The Ring II
  • Peep death by guillotine shears
  • Peep death by tinfoil + hammer
  • Peep death by gunpowder… fail!
  • Scream Guy has two hands for a change and some difficulties controlling them…
  • Bunny death by Firecracker… semi-fail
  • Ezra wonders about Rasvar's computer usage
  • Peep death by 100W light bulb… slooooow-semi-fail!
  • Peep death: electrical socket - sparks!
  • Peep death: Dremel!
  • Peep death: electrical wire + vinegar… fail.
  • Simba is having fun with Darth Tader's face - bit by bit
  • Fun with freeze frame and “staring at the audience”
  • Cow performs “Mr Bassman” and Poink cracks up

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: big eyed animal (FIXME what animal?)
  • “Chocolate bunny death” or “Pawpet Easter gone wrong”

Videos shown

  • Chocolate Bunny Death: bunny + oven (Bungee Skunk)1)
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: peeps + blow torch (?)
  • Star Wars Episode III - parody trailer
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: bunny + rubbing alcohol (Nonsanity)
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: peep + alcohol (Nonsanity)
  • “The itallian job” roller coaster animation
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Death by sport (Chili)
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Bonfire of the peeps (Nonsanity)
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Gas
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Laser beam
  • Chocolate Bunny Death: Gun (2 Gryphon)

Total peep count

  • 15 purple peeps
  • 35 blue peeps
  • 30 yellow peeps
  • 1 small bunny
  • 7 large bunnies
  • 15 pink bunnies
  • 16 bunny peeps
  • 1 lamb

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “We're losing control over here…”2)
shown again later with Benny Hill added
Donload was cut off a minute early, so real last words might have been different
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