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Episode: 261

Airdate: Sep 04, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

TMJR - Too Much JR!



Show Highlights

  • Rasvar is preparing steaks and munches on the salad
  • Arthur and Crappy Doo appear together at the same time - although Simba has a hard time operating the mic at the same time…
  • Rasvars steaks put everybody in a food coma
  • The cast ponders re-doing the “dinner night”
  • As JackRabbit hands a memory card to Yappy Fox, who finds an… interesting… picture on it. This is just about the only picture of a cast member that HAD to be censored by Yappy Fox
  • Ezra comes up with a Teletubby hat as mouth mask - and puts it on Lilly Voop as she asks about it
  • Cow gets some eyes…
  • Ezra is creeped out and somewhat lost as JackRabbit streaks across the stage…
  • …which prompts a performance of “blinded by the light” (Java playing the guitar)
  • Ezra initiates a “Poot-Drill”
  • FIXME (name?) calls in and talks about hurricane Katrina
  • The show ends with “What a wonderful world” instead of the usual closing credit song.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets with alternate fuel sources
  • Caption: Weird looking animal

Videos shown

  • “The first drink of the day” - monkey video
  • FIXME title: Beatles song
  • FIXME title: ?? “AM Radio?” rap…
  • Bambi in IRC-speak subtitles
  • iPod commercial spoof with Florence from
  • Cotton Eye Joe - pencil animation
  • PacMan cereal commercial
  • Disney's Circuis Fantasy commercial ('86)
  • Dragon Blaster Skeletor commercial
  • Go-Bots commercial
  • Dance fever commercial
  • Kylie Minoque - Come into my world
  • FIXME song title @3:06
  • Greenday - Holiday

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Everybody “Performing to 'what a wonderful world'”
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