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Episode: 273

Airdate: Dec 18, 2005  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Christmas 2005




  • SantaFox

Show Highlights

  • The show starts with a christmas caroling sheepdog “robot” that promptly does a backflip of the stage.
  • The stage is decorated with “Gah Humbug” letters
  • Liesl returns from Germany and brought chocolate… lots of chocolate. Oh, and Lebkuchen.
  • Poink has a red glowstick… “My eyes aren't the only thing that's glowing!”
  • Eggnog! Kuddlepup approved! And approved, and approved…
  • Lilly Voop gets a bit tipsy and leans against Poink
  • Rasvar is drunk… he was at a winning game..
  • The cast Skippy, Poink, The Peckers, Scritch, YinYang (and others) perform a christmas story inspired gig about the commercial value of christmas
  • The white elephant gift exchange brings - amongst other stuff a box of tampons, maxi pads and condoms… which Herbie steals from Yappy Fox to experiment… Liesl gets even with him by showing how to apply a condom: on Carrot!
  • Jess and Ronin call in after seeing Narnia and Blue Man Group
  • Poink and Lilly Voop are sitting on top a pile of pawpets - with JackRabbit underneath.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Polar bears in a driveway.

Videos shown

  • Pac Man animation with Poink/Lilly
  • Fluff&Such: “I farted on Santa's lap”
  • Christmas light-show (several versions)
  • Fluff&Such: Uncle Kage singing
  • Singing elk animation
  • “The year christmas almost wasn't” - with different voice over… breaking the rating in several ways.
  • Badger Badger… flash animation

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “I'm sitting on a freakin' tampon!” Ezra “Bye!”
appears during a performance of “Walkin' 'round in womens' underwear!”
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