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Episode: 274

Airdate: Jan 01, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Yappy 2006!



Show Highlights

  • Mutt, Herbie and Poink talk about tampons… with visuals
  • Kuddlepup tries to find the power cord for the backstage laptop
  • Swordfight… ummm… umbrellafight…
  • The cast opens up a package sent in by WildBillTX… looots of childrens' toys… and Liesl looks funny wearing most of them at once.
  • Amongst other items sent in is a snowman plush from Pixar's “knick knacks” short.
  • Movie talk: Narnia
  • Bandit chews up a present from Herbie: a piece of wood with door springs on it.
  • Gnip gets a universal translator.
  • Hobbes calls in and plays the 2005-quiz
  • The cast discusses their most memorable moments of 2005
  • Mutt and Ezra start talking with audio outages.
  • Rasvar and Ronin fight over which team is going to lose
  • Poink tells the story about how Rasvar had his wisdom teeth pulled
  • Ezra suggests a bet between Rasvar and Ronin: the loser has to wear the winning team's jersey
  • The credits show “Copyright 2005”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: 3D Ginuea pig in martial art pose (freeze frame from the pet-shop internet commercial)

Videos shown

  • Flash animated kitty to the numa-numa song
  • credits from Madagascar
  • Beavers - the new family restaurant!
  • Kidnap the Sandy Claus(video problems)
  • The Smurfs (parody trailer)
  • Beer commercial: “What to drink when chasing beaver”
  • Blaupunkt car hi-hi commercial with bunny and teddy bear
  • Kero presents: “Stand up”
  • Queen: Flash!

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Scream Guy “Happy 2006 everybody!”
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