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Episode: 301

Airdate: Aug 27, 2006  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Nakedfatman, Peeeeench & Floofy Ezra




  • Hong Kong Phooey (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The show starts with color bars as Yappy Fox tries to get the equipment running again after a three week hiatus
  • Shak is turned into a flying fish as he is put on the ceiling fan
  • Yappy Fox suggests to put a tiny Axe-bottle in con bags
  • Ezra smells of Axe (as he had a bath) and Lilly Voop gets a bit dizzy with joy
  • “nakedfatman” - a reference to the “Relax” music video becomes the buzzword for the show
  • various random puppets doing the “Colegate pump” commercial
  • Poink has a picture of a Japanese lobster vending machine
  • We see Liesl's new car
  • Shak gets tangled in the stage decoration…
  • Lilly Voop jumps the stage instead and gets tangled up along with Shak
  • We actually see a bit of the famous “Pink Flamingo” scene
  • Eagle Beagle does the roll call…
  • Ezra “pump” Spider's tail - like “Milky”
  • Ezra brings up a taste test: US-Coke vs. Canadian-Coke
  • Pluto is no longer a planet!
  • Todd explains to Shak what an ellipse is…
  • Todd reads a press release about Pluto
  • Liesl does needlepoint
  • Ezra puts himself into the washer again… and comes out waaaay to floofy - and with a running nose!
  • Terry is down laughing
  • Floofy Ezra sings “mack the knife”
  • Liesl sings “Happy Birthday” - slightly mad
  • Erza, Temp Ferret, YinYang, Lilly Voop and Poink singing to Bohamian Rhapsody
  • Puddin' sings “these boots are made for walking”
  • Audrey dances to Jessica Simpson's version of “these boots are made for walking”
  • Yappy Fox tells about his vaccation… on a boat!

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Return of the show
  • Caption: Guy in… self made “super hero” outfit?

Videos shown

  • I don't feel like dancing
  • FIXME: Music video???
  • Take your mama
  • Relax
  • FIXME: Music video (“Village People” look)
  • Milky the milking cow commercial
  • Colegate pump commercial
  • Underoos fasionable underwear commercial
  • “Valleygirl” FIXME (title?)
  • Dominick the Donkey (crashed first, then played through - first airing on the show)
  • Milky the milking cow commercial
  • Dominick the Donkey
  • Dominick the Donkey (with polka soundtrack)
  • Lovin' you
  • Girl you know it's true
  • Atomic Dog (excerpts)
  • I love rocky road (excerpts)
  • Like a surgeon (excerpts)
  • Turning Japanese (excerpt)
  • Bohamian Rhapsody (PIP)
  • These boots are made for walking (PIP)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Bandit!!” (As Bandit takes a peek up on stage)
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