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Episode: 329

Airdate: Apr 15, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Showing shows that were even creepier than ours!




  • Foxwell (Subservient)
  • Ford Shepard
  • Jack

Show Highlights

  • Don Ho died and Poink dedicates the show to him
  • Simba has an allergic reaction
  • Spider and Ezra present the next Megaplex theme: Comics and Superheros
  • Subservient Java!
  • Eagle Beagle does the roll call in close-up
  • Yappy Fox issues a “pimp the pawpet site” challange
  • Arthur is surprised that nobody remembers IDDQD or similar codes…
  • Space Academy discussion - resulting in more chuckles than the original airing of that show
  • The letter people…
  • We hear that “Gummy Bears” is the most gay cartoon ever
  • Pink Flamingo challange
  • The Pumpkin-Nuts story is told
  • The guests are subjected to Mrs. Miller
  • Ezra hangs himself as the cast tries to find the worst singer of all times
  • Poink gets a camera and films Eagle Beagle angry face

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Dog about to catch a ball, looking incredibly weird doing so…
  • Pawpets and home remodelling

Videos shown

  • Juggling extreme
  • Dog on a roof
  • Upside down show ad
  • FMV Explosion - Various fusruit impressions (MFF 2006) + Robin Hood + Ghost Warrior + Road Rovers + SWAT Kats + Southpark + ??? clips
  • The letter people… “Tall Mr. T”
  • Singing Spoon
  • Outer Scope 1 - creepy puppet show…
  • ShowBiz - A guide for your walk-around character (Chick E. Cheese - sort of a “video owners manual”)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “PUMPKINNUTS!!!”
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